Old Boy Andrew Lapthorne (2002) and colleague Christopher Vagalia have recently developed and launched Invest In Me, which can proudly lay claim to being the first crowdfunding platform in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Many entrepreneurs and small businesses, especially during this time of COVID, are finding it very difficult to operate simply because of funding issues. The Invest In Me platform was created in response to that need. In so doing it allows non-governmental organisations, small to medium enterprises, individuals and various groups to set up fund raising campaigns in order to push their products further and bring development to their respective communities. These causes may include, but are not limited to education, health and medical, infrastructure projects, sports and entertainment as well as fintech/startups. The free service also has built-in social-share capabilities allowing users to share their campaigns on popular social media platforms, thereby providing the ability to reach a wider audience both within PNG and abroad. Furthermore, a built-in Incentive/Rewards system allows backers to receive a reward(s) or Incentive(s) as a token of appreciation for their donations (above a certain amount/threshold). Andrew says: “In essence, Invest In Me is PNG’s version of GoFundMe.”

In light of the above and with the platform’s ability to secure a global market reach and distribution, Andrew is keen to develop mutually beneficial partnerships with players within the business community. To learn more about Invest In Me, please click here or by visiting the links below:

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